Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Investment Philosophy

INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY Rubicon has developed a rigorous manager selection process that delivers a blend of uncorrelated high performing funds. Rubicon’s due diligence process identifies managers that focus on consistent delivery of alpha married to a culture of risk management and inter-sector uncorrelated strategies. Our unique portfolio construction system ensures that our Funds meet their performance goals consistently while guarding against market volatility.

Suite of Funds Strategy

The Rubicon suite of funds represent a great opportunity for investors both institutional and private to take advantage of our unique multimanager portfolio blending strategies. Our Fund of Hedge Funds harness the best-of-breed Hedge Fund managers including market neutral fund managers to offset risk driven by our dynamic geographic weighting models that preserve capital and produce higher than benchmark alpha. Blended with inter-sector ivyleague Fund managers who dynamically monitor the fundamentals of regional underlying equities, this fund has huge promise as Africa starts to outperform other regions in growth and performance over the medium to long term.

Risk Management

Rubicon dynamically monitors risk factors that may have a negative impact on Rubicon’s proprietary investment strategies or funds. With highly risk averse fund mandates, dynamic market analysis, blending strategies and correlation risk assessment strategy our in-house risk management team implement solutions that help mitigate the overall risk to market downside exposure.